Clinic Mentoring 

“I recently attended a Mentoring session organised by Artlinks.  I can honestly say that this was the most useful two hours I’ve spent in a long time!  I left with my head buzzing with ideas and the feeling that I could have done with one of these sessions a long time ago!... I’m looking forward to putting my plans into action.”    

Mary Cullen, Visual Artist, Carlow 

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank youfor setting up my mentoring session. My mentor was totally focused, sensitive and so generous with her time and action plans.  I needed this experience so badly and it has firmly anchored me back on track again. She was totally the right person for me to see and I am so grateful to her and to Artlinks for providing me with the opportunity to have this terrific experience.’

Christabel Atkins, Visual Artist, Wexford 

Case Studies 


Sylvia Cullen

Name: Sylvia Cullen

Art Form: Literature / Theatre / Film

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Alison Comerford

Name: Alison Comerford

Art Form: Music

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Gillian Grattan

Name: Gillian Grattan

Art Form: Literature

Practice: Playwright

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Tunde Toth

Name: Tunde Toth

Art Form: Contemporary Paper Art, Hand Papermaking, Intaglio Print making

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Emma Harper

Name: Emma Harper

Art Form: Creative Writing

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