Emma Harper

Short overview of work:

Modules included:

  • Novel Submission
  • Short Story
  • Creative Non – Fiction
  • Industry Awareness

Impact and outcomes from the ArtLinks Bursary on practice:

“I’ve gained a huge understanding in the world of writing, both creative and fictitious, along with learning key factors about sending work to Publishing Houses, working with agents, putting a complete novel together and confidence in believing in your own work. My love of writing has increased by thousands after completing this course. I feel I am strong enough both as a writer and a person to go on and complete a manuscript to therefore submit to publishing houses or perhaps start smaller and enter various writing competitions and send stories into magazines and newspapers to get my name out there first. My main objective is to complete my book which has come along so much since I began the course. I now have a path in which I can follow, I have mapped out the layout of my book and I even have a title for it, possibly one of the hardest things to do but I’ve done it and I am immensely positive and proud about the whole experience. My dream was to get a book published and I’m even surer than ever that that is what I want to get out of the course.”

Plans for the Future:

Of her plans for the future, Emma says, “I plan to continue writing in my own time and enter some competitions to boost my confidence and to receive feedback on my work. I am very open to criticism and structure as it enables you to better your work. I would love to join another creative writing group in the area where I live. I will continue to follow my dream of getting my book finished and will work very hard to do so. I would also love to do some work with the community in the area of writing, particularly with children and front my own creative writing workshops. I feel there may not be enough for children to do in that particular art form and would love to educate and encourage young children and young adults to pursue a hobby in writing as I feel it’s hugely creative and very therapeutic. It’s a great portal for self-expression and it’s also a great path to self-discovery.

Writing has changed my life, it’s healed me, it’s educated me, and it’s inspired me to be a better person. It’s allowed me to channel the most creative and imaginative side of me. It’s food for my soul and if I could share that with even one person, it would make me eternally happy, but writing alone will always make me happy. I am so very grateful for getting this wonderful opportunity.”


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