Gillian Grattan

Online link to practice:

Short overview of work:

Gillian writes theatre scripts and radio drama. She also directs radio drama productions. “My play, Fish Out of Water was produced by The Irish Classical Theatre in Buffalo New York, in March. My radio play Hooked! was awarded silver in the PPI National Radio Awards in 2011”.

Impact and outcomes from the ArtLinks Bursary on practice:

As this was the first time that Gillian had received a Bursary. “It was great boost to me as I felt that my work was being recognised by ArtLinks. It enabled me to have time to write and also the finance to travel and meet people that I needed to interview, and also to research the various elements of the script. On a practical level, it gave me the confidence to embrace the form filling aspect of applying for grants and to see this as part of my job”.

Plans for the Future:

Gillian is working on a stage play and will be recording a new radio play for KCLR. She is also in training with RTÉ to work as a writer on Fair City.


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