James Merrigan

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Short overview of work:

James Merrigan has had two solo shows and been part of several group shows since being awarded the ArtLinks Bursay. All works have challenged the architecture of the space in which they were installed, whilst the video works have provoked various reactions from the audience. Over the last year his art practice has successfully merged with his art writing practice to form a new way of working.

Impact and outcomes from the ArtLinks Bursary on practice:

"Without the ArtLinks Bursary I would never have fulfilled half of the commitments that I completed over the last year. Although the money is an important aspect it is not the only benefit that results from the Bursary. Being an artist and writer is all about confidence and when art funding bodies such as ArtLinks give you the thumbs up there is a measure of confidence gained.
The outcome from the ArtLinks Bursary that I am most proud of is the printed publication of my art writings. This will act as a future document of my ability as a art critic and will certainly offer future opportunities as an art critic. Another outcome was the art writing workshops that I conducted at the Mermaid Arts Centre, which resulted in participants writing after first showing a lack of confidence in their own ability as writers".

Plans for the Future:

James is currently preparing for a solo show at the Lab Dublin. "I endeavor to continue to make art far into the future and continue to write on art".

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