Joanna Kidney

Online link to practice:

Short overview of work:

Joanna Kidney’s work is process-based encompassing drawing, encaustic painting and more recently spatial drawing. An intuitive engagement with materials plays a central role in the making of the work.

Mark making is the essence of the drawing and encaustic painting work. This work is made with speed, allowing spontaneity and momentum to feed it. Most recently, Joanna has been looking at expanding drawing off the 2D surface, opening it out into space. In exploring the potentials of the materials of felt and wire, curiosity and intuitive inventiveness are intrinsic to this work. Within the unfolding dialogue between 2D and 3D, the tensions between marks, lines, colour, space and forms and how they interact fuel the process.

In allowing the subconscious to propel the work, some questions have recently arisen: What shapes intuition? What is the relationship between the subconscious and intuition? How does memory inform the subconscious? The work presents these notions rather than seeking conclusions.

Impact and outcomes from the ArtLinks Bursary on practice:

Joanna found the bursary application process hugely helpful in focusing on the direction of her practice. "It helps in clarifying short term and longer term plans. Receiving the bursary has allowed me to follow through on those main aims and plans. It has bought me a little bit more studio time and has encouraged me to remain focused on the momentum of my studio work. I have had my work photographed professionally and am in the process of updating my website. I also feel that the validation of receiving a bursary has a positive impact on the commitment to making work". 

Plans for the Future:

Joanna is currently working towrds a solo show in ‘The Drawing Project’, Dun Laoighre, Co. Dublin to be held later this year. "I will be moving to an RHA studio for a period from July to December this year and plan to have an open studio event towards the end of the time there. Tellurometer is a group of Wicklow based artists formed as a result of an Artlinks Mentoring Programme led by curator Cliodhna Shaffrey. We are currently embarking on an experimental postal project. We have received funding to produce a follow on printed publication in response to the postal project. This two stage project will take place over the next ten months".


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