Saothar Molta rehearsals- Bill Mc Grath

Saothar Molta rehearsals

"The generous funding provided by ArtLinks allowed me to undertake the composition of a new work for Carlow Youth Orchestra. This work, entitled Saothar Molta, was performed on the 30th of May in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre, as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Carlow College of Music.
This work was a significant milestone for me in many ways – as well as being my first public performance of an orchestral work, and my first time conducting an orchestral performance, it was also a great opportunity for me to present my compositional work to a wider, mainstream audience, and to gain invaluable experience working with the highly talented young musicians of Carlow Youth Orchestra.
As well as covering the costs of printing, editing, and typesetting the work, my ArtLinks bursary allowed me to cover the labour involved in writing the work itself – composing is a long and often difficult process and the financial support was invaluable in this regard."

- Bill Mc Grath


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