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National Sculpture factory – Im/Plants – Call to Artists

May 6, 2014 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector, News from the Arts Sector, Professional development opportunities


The National Sculpture Factory announces its new programmatic strand for 2014/15 Im/plants open to all international artists   

  1. Im/Plant: manufacturing

An industrial site consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing. A place of making, shaping and assembly, dedicated to social modes of production, as distinguished from the sometimes immaterial and solitary labour of art. A site of production, labour, involving relations of production – between workers, managers, technicians, consumers, the public – between individuals and a wider social field.

    2.   Im/Plant: medical

A surgical intervention leading to a graft onto/into a host system, to improve, modify or regulate functioning. A permanent or removable biologically compatible device, manufactured to replace an absent part, to support or to enhance an existing structure. Ideally the device should bring about a desired response in the host, however the interaction between the implant and the neighbouring tissues can cause complications (allergic foreign body response, for instance).

   3.   Im/Plant: botanical

An opportunist organic entity, able to colonise an area by spreading vegetatively – e.g. pioneer plants that colonise an area that has not been previously occupied by an ecological community.                  


Im/Plants proposes a programme of seasonal implantations (insertions) into the National Sculpture Factory. This project is open to Irish and international artists, curators, independent art groups, individual cultural and spatial practitioners, and collectives across all art disciplines.

Artists/participants are implanted as productive agents, that is, invited to respond to the specificity of the National Sculpture Factory - as a site for manufacture; as a host organism; as a seedbed for propagation - in order to test, affect or re-imagine the boundaries of what the art organisation can be through alternative forms of production.

Each ImPlant is of a 3-month duration and is programmed to happen seasonally. It is self-directing and self-sufficient, with an overall stipend of €3,000 and with access to the full resources and supports of the NSF, adapted to the needs of each specific applicant.

There are no prescribed outcomes, but each implant is expected to leave a trace, residue, or shadow, of their period of interactivity with the host organisation. Such outcomes are not restricted to the ephemeral and can be of a more permanent nature. 

For its part the NSF will be openly receptive to the unknowns made possible by interaction with these implanted agents.

The Im/Plants strand in the NSF’s annual programme is designed to act as a source of imaginative hybridization, to create as yet unknown forms of production or provocation, and enable the NSF to work with the broadest range of artistic practitioners, leading to the synthesis of new ideas and work practices within the artist-centric institution.

NSF Im/Plants project allows the implanted artists to practically challenge the ideologies of the monolithic or static institution, and to act instead as a generative substrate engaging directly with the receptive NSF to external forces. In its making available of its resources, experience and network of relations, the NSF wishes, through these insertions open itself to the stimulus of new ideas, alien influences and new creative productive outcomes.

Application Details:

Criteria for assessment:

  1. The nature and quality of the proposition or provocation.
  2. Experience relevant to this particular site-specific research implantation.
  3. The feasibility of each proposition as well as the nature and extent of the research and methodology being proposed

Applicants are invited to propose, themselves; their practice and their particular Im/plant proposal in whatever form they deem relevant bearing in mind the considerations above and the context being offered.

Applicants can develop proposals for Im/plants with the understanding that they need not be present, or resident in Cork for the entire 3-monthly season. This is not a studio-based residency, while a space in the NSF can be made available if necessary. Applicants should suggest how they propose to proceed over the 3-month period and how this can lead to a constructive and productive engagement.

For the full details on applications please visit

Proposal deadline:
All applications must reach the National Sculpture Factory by 12 Noon, Monday 9th June 2014.

This Programme is part funded by the Cork City Council Project Award

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Arts and Health: Call for Applications

March 26, 2014 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector

Call for applications: bursary to produce documentation of an arts and health project invites applications from arts and health practitioners (artists working in healthcare settings, healthcare professionals, arts and health partnerships etc.) for a bursary to produce documentation of an arts and health project. The proposed documentation will take the form of a short film / audio documentary and / or publication which can be widely disseminated with a view to encouraging high quality, creative documentation of arts and health practice and creating a greater national understanding of the nature of this practice.

This bursary is funded by the Arts Council and the Cork Arts and Health Programme, HSE South.

The deadline for application is Friday, 30 May at 12 noon. For further information and application requirements see

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Events and Hospitality Manager – Visual

March 24, 2014 in Carlow Arts Office, Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector

VISUAL is an iconic civic arts centre in the heart of Carlow Town, comprising world class gallery spaces and a 320-seat performance space. Through a dynamic artistic programme of exhibitions, performances, educational projects and community engagement, VISUAL aims to be a leading venue for the promotion of the arts in Ireland and a cultural hub for the region.

Reporting to the Programme Co-ordinator, the Events and Hospitality Manager will be a key member of a committed team with specific responsibility for the following:

  • Administering and managing the theatre bar and events across the building
  • Developing and leading a strong customer-focused Front of House (FOH) team
  • Maintaining a safe, professional and welcoming environment for clients, audience and team and ensuring compliance with the Centre’s Health and Safety policies, operating procedures and licencing requirements
  • Managing day-to-day financial operations including cash handling and  banking procedures, and financial oversight
  • Maintaining and analysing accurate and comprehensive event, sales and stock reports
  • Working as part of a team to develop footfall and opportunities through marketing, programming and operational activities

Competitive salary commensurate with experience

For job specification and further information please contact

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Per Cent for Art Scheme – Call for Applications

March 11, 2014 in Carlow Arts Office, Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector, Uncategorized

Bennekerry National School CO. Carlow wishes to commission a work or works of art for their new school.

This commission is to be funded by the Per Cent for Art scheme.

Closing date for receipt of applications is Wednesday April 2nd, 2014.

Please find attached Artist's Brief adn Site Map.

Bennekerry N.S Artist's brief

Site map for Artist's Brief

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Eight Gallery – Artistic Programme | Call for Submissions

February 4, 2014 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector, Uncategorized

Eight Gallery, No. 8. Dawson Street Dublin 2
Eight Gallery is now accepting submissions for their yearly programme.

Eight nurtures a constant platform on which to provide exclusive...See more


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Electric Picnic Wants YOU

February 3, 2014 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector, News from the Arts Sector

Actually it wants you to persuade your neighbour to part with that 50’s caravan that's been blocking his yard and turn it into your own dream mobile wonderland.

It’s now two years since Trailer Park rolled into the Picnic, paying homage to the humble caravan, the glittering airstream, the vaudeville circus van. With its heady mix of oddities and eccentrics that picnickers happen upon randomly, this vintage vacation park brings smiles back to those in danger of taking their music and literature too seriously.

Electric Picnic is reaching out to you to be part of its creative team and make an indelible mark on Ireland’s favourite festival. Electric Picnic is inviting you to design an ART CARAVAN, to join the circus and become part of Trailer Park. We want artists, designers, dreamers and makers! We have money to help and tickets to give! 

Stylist behind Trailer Park, Roz Jellett, is excited about what entrants will bring to the table. She says, "Electric Picnic has always been head and shoulders above all the others for creativity, and now it’s the turn of its own audience to have a chance to be the creators. It's all about participating, working behind the scenes, creating your own bit of madness, and looking after your own front porch. Those who are successful just won't believe how much fun it is to work at the Picnic, it's exhilarating and it's a tonic for artists." It can be beautiful, it can be edgy, it can be funny, it can be anything you want but it needs to be interactive. 

You can register for this van-tastic competition here. Absolute deadline for submitting your ideas is 28 February at 11:59am. Final decisions will be made and notified by mid-March. There are a number of grants on offer to the most impressive entrants. See below for more details, terms and conditions.

Electric Picnic 2014 :  29th / 30th/  31st August.

Further competition details

Please submit your proposal for this competition by completing the online form, available here:

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Chamber Made Opera – Melbourne – Call for Irish Artists

January 29, 2014 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector, Professional development opportunities

Chamber Made Opera in Melbourne, Australia has been commissioned by the City of Culture Festival in Limerick, Ireland to create a new work that will be presented in Limerick during July/August 2014.  They are currently looking for 2 Irish artists to collaborate on the project.  This collaboration includes a 2 week residency with them in Melbourne, Australia.  

Chamber Made Opera is not opera as you know it. They make work for the chamber which they state is - 'unforgettable, intimate in nature, epic in impact and utterly contemporary'. For this project, the chamber will be a living room in a home in Limerick.  

Recent works have included collaborations with architects, audio designers, live performance artists, musicians, visual artists and performed in chambers such as a modern apartment in inner-city Melbourne, a shearing shed on a working farm and underneath a playhouse stage.  Think work that is intimate and will impact an audience on a visceral level, work that will rattle souls and dinner plates alike.  Think about ‘opera’ in its original context - multidisciplinary artworks that were utterly contemporary – not a large lady singing ancient songs on a grand stage. 

All types of professional artists are welcome to apply.  If you are interested in knowing more please see their website for further details

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Draoicht Opportunities for Artists

January 15, 2014 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector, News from the Arts Sector

Draíocht, The Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15

Draíocht is currently seeking submissions from artists for an exhibition in Draíocht or a Residency in Draíocht’s Artist Studio.

Applying for an Exhibition

When to apply for an exhibition?
Draíocht’s next submission period is 06 January to 28 March 2014. This is for work to be exhibited from Autumn 2014 (First Floor Gallery) and Autumn 2015 (Ground Floor Gallery).

What to include in your application?
You should include a covering letter and an up to date CV. You should state when you are available or want to show your work. You should also include a description of the proposed exhibition, especially if it requires the gallery to be adapted, AV equipment, or any other special requirements. If possible you should also indicate if you are applying for the Ground or First Floor Gallery. It is useful but not necessary to include a statement about your practice. Most importantly you should include between 8 and 16 good quality images of your work, either on CD or USB. Each image should be clearly marked with your name. Colour laser copies are also acceptable. Please do not send images by email.

How long does an exhibition last?
Varies from 8-12 weeks depending on the annual programme.

Where do I send my application?
Administration Assistant. Draíocht, The Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15, Ireland

Further information from:

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Sculpture Commission Opportunity

October 18, 2013 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector, News from the Arts Sector

Publication date:  17-10-2013
Response deadline:  05-12-2013 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: Restricted Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Athlone Town Council is commissioning a public art sculpture of John Count McCormack, the world famous tenor from Athlone, County Westmeath. The sculpture work will be located in the Civic Square outside the Athlone Town Council Civic Buildings/Library in the town centre. Brief document and other details are available for download.
Buyer: Westmeath County Council

Check it out at


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Music Commission Opportunity

October 7, 2013 in Job Opportunities in the Arts Sector

Check out this commission opportunity on the Government's etenders site.

79274 - - Forum Connemara wishes to commission a piece of music of approximately 40 minutes as part of a flagship training project in NW Connemara

Publication date:  04-10-2013
Response deadline:  18-10-2013 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: This flagship training project will touch the minds & hearts of our community, will help to raise energy levels, will be a hymn to positivity and will celebrate all that’s good about our place - Connemara. It will build on and expand the base culture and throw an international spotlight on the good work that is happening on the ground every day of the week. It will provide exciting stimulus and challenges for the performers involved and will up-skill and broaden their range of ability - see RFT attached to this tender call for tender details
Buyer: FORUM Connemara Ltd