"Receiving an Artlinks Bursary has been of invaluable benefit to me in the weighty process involved in compiling a complete first collection of poems. First, the receipt of a bursary from a body as well respected as Artlinks, has brought with it a great sense of endorsement of my craft. Secondly, the bursary itself has made an immense practical difference to the time I can afford to my writing. It has allowed me to retreat to vital writing hours, away from the demands of everyday life in a very busy household.

Financial assistance in terms of undertaking a project such as mine has a two-tier benefit - practical support in enabling me to carve out time to write and the temporary removal of that constant preoccupation of the modern-day parent; the need to spend all of one’s spare time invested in income-earning work. Such preoccupation is, of course, entirely at odds with the creative process and as such the Artlinks bursary has corrected this and has allowed me to create a nurturing, practical and supportive environment in which I can write. I am very grateful."

-Clodagh Beresford Dunne