"Receiving the Wexford Art Links Bursary was, for me, on a personal level, a form of recognition or acknowledgement of my Art Practise. On a practical level I am embarking on a project to create a completely new suite of large work. To that end I am taking up a residency in China with a large well equipped studio and a good sized gallery to exhibit the work. On returning to Ireland I intend touring this body of work throughout Ireland during 2016 & 2017.

Using some of the Art Links funds I have produced a new catalogue, as seen above, with a forward, good picture quality and a professional format. I am using this catalogue as an inclusion in my exhibition proposals that I have made to various Art Centres throughout Ireland (including Wexford County Hall). The Wexford Art Links Bursary has enabled me to make this vision a reality."

- Paddy Lennon