The bursary allowed me to attend the Robert McKee Seminars in London this year, May 2015. McKee is seen as the best script doctor, consultant in the world and people from all writing backgrounds attend his seminars, including John Cleese and many other big names. He takes you on a three day journey where he breaks down the world of writing in small manageable chunks of information that make your journey as writer easier. As part of the seminar he breaks down Casablanca over six hours showing you how the writers create the script and the story. He shows the impact that the five story lines have on each other and how turning points move them along. The seminars showed me more manageable ways of dealing with large story lines and ways of interweaving each story line with the main action of your story. It also showed me that a well structured story will have a better reaction from the readers working for studios, production companies etc. As a result of attending the seminars and some of the techniques I learned there, I have had interest in one of my film scripts from a well established agent.

- Pauric Brennan