ArtLinks Clinic Mentoring

ArtLinks Clinic Mentoring is an element of the mentoring programme provided by ArtLinks. This Mentoring support provides artists with the opportunity to have an individual 2–hour session with a specialist mentor expert in their artform. The mentor works with the artist to give practical advice to boost artistic practice and development. Clinic Mentoring is held in locations across the ArtLinks partner region. ArtLInks Clinic Mentoring support is intended to give the artists an oportunity to take stock of their current practice, review their development and  focus on their future growth. 

Clinic mentoring sessions can cover a range of topics related to your practice as determined by your specific needs. They are intended to provide you with the opportunity to discuss such areas as:

  • The development of your artistic practice
  • Your professional development path
  • Planning and developing your artistic practice
  • Application process development
  • Developing awareness and marketing your artistic practice (online and offline)
  • Developing ways of working collaboratively and building partnerships
  • Developing your network 
  • Idea generation in relation to future development 
  • Peer critique of your work

The mentoring service offers the following benefits to you:

  • Expert guidance
  • Objective, independent advice
  • Relevant and practical support
  • Confidential assistance on sensitive issues
  • A sounding board to help in making decisions

What the artists say..

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you for setting up my mentoring session. My mentor was totally focused, sensitive and so generous with her time and action plans.  I needed this experience so badly and it has firmly anchored me back on track again. She was totally the right person for me to see and I am so grateful to her and to Artlinks for providing me with the opportunity to have this terrific experience.’

Christabel Atkins, Visual Artist, Wexford 

The ArtLinks Clinic Mentoring Programme is open to qualifying artists who are members of ArtLinks.  

This programme is currently closed for applications.